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  • What is the intention?

    If you had the choice between a homemade lasagne or a ready-meal one – which would you choose?
    When you come to sit down & eating a homemade one – it be all that more satisfying, won’t it?
    Because you get to make it like YOU want it!
    See what cooking has to do with helping you grow your business or results.

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  • Make better & quicker decisions – 3 Top Tips

    Nothing in business would happen if decisions aren’t being made! So are you going to decide to start deciding more quickly on things from today?
    Decision making when an ‘employee’ is very different from being an entrepreneur and business owner.
    Here are my top 3 tips for you to make quicker & better decisions right away!

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  • Has your flame gone out?

    There’s really no end to learning & developing yourself. So last week I headed over to Bali to keep on developing myself & my business more.
    I heard a quote which sums up why I’m so passionate about helping people to really do what you love doing & getting into flow.
    See if it inspires you to take action too.

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  • Mix up your environment

    Ever had one of those days where you’ve got loads of things to complete on your ‘to-do’ list but you just aren’t being productive?
    One of the biggest reasons for this isn’t about what you’re doing (or not doing) but WHERE you’re trying to do it from!
    So what is the link between them?

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