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I’m sure you’ll agree that it takes a completely different set of skills, mindsets & actions when it comes to starting or growing your own business, compared with working for someone else or ‘the company’!

That’s why I’m passionate about helping YOU to truly embracing the ‘Entrepreneur’ that you are, so you focus on your talents & get the results that you’re after!

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Latest RT-TV Episodes, Podcasts & Blog

  • Hoping for an overnight success?

    Who’s your latest business ‘crush’ on?
    You know that person or business who seems to be crushing it!
    The one you may be comparing yourself with?
    They may seem like they’re an ‘overnight success’ but are they really?
    Read more here to avoid this myth!

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  • Rapid Video Tips to Grow Your Business

    I’ve come down to London for a week to attend lots of business conferences & meetings.
    To help you grow or start your business, I’ve created some super-super short videos to share some of the biggest insights & learnings from this trip.
    Enjoy coming on this trip around London with me & see some of the sights along the way too!

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  • B&W or Colour HD? – Mission Possible

    In the not to distant past, B&W TV was all the rage. But can you really imagine watching a full movie that is all fuzzy & looking really ‘old school’ now?
    Compared to the super-whizzy 3D-HD colour TVs that we have nowadays – it’s like night & day!
    See how the quality of your visions & goals need to be super-HD here.

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  • What is the intention?

    If you had the choice between a homemade lasagne or a ready-meal one – which would you choose?
    When you come to sit down & eating a homemade one – it be all that more satisfying, won’t it?
    Because you get to make it like YOU want it!
    See what cooking has to do with helping you grow your business or results.

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